R+Heatshield III

low-E Radiant Barrier InsulationWhat is R+Heatshield III?

It is the premium radiant barrier that blocks 94% of radiant heat transfer . It comes in rolls and is perforated in silver or white depending on the area of usage. This product is used on the Space Shuttle when it is shot into space. We have used this barrier in both metal and tile roofing to help with the transfer of hot radiant heat and cold. Clients have felt relief of heat or cold shortly after completion of the job. It has also been used for installation for homes, attics, garage and garage doors, temperature –sensitive packaging of medications, RV’s and fleet vans. This product also controls moisture in your metal buildings. It will pay for its self in less than 3 years. This is a product of Innovative Energy, Inc. Specifications: Reflectivity: 94% Emissivity: 3% Tensile Strength: 73 PSI Puncture Resistance: 52 PSI Weight: 31.8 lbs per 1000 sq ft Thickness: 1.4% Green Product: Yes

Benefits of Our Reflective Insulation Materials: What are some of the benefits ?

■Cut energy costs

■Reduce energy consumption

■Improve interior comfort

■Deliver excellent thermal performance

■Reduce condensation

■Easy to install; no special handling or breathing protection required

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